My A-Z of random stuff

Hi Everyone!

This post is my a-z of stuff that you will probably not find interesting what so ever but honestly I don't care because this is my blog. So let's begin!

A - Apple

B - Bonkers

C - Cacti

D - Deep

E - Electric

F - Flies

G - Guava

H - Hyperactive

I - Internet

J - Junipa

K - Keyboard

L - Lazy

M - Monopoly

N - Nostrils

O - Origin 

P - Pineapple

Q - Question

R - Ratatouille

S - Sword Art Online (my favorite anime)

T - Teeth 

U - Unicorn (obvz)

V - Vet

W - Weirdo

X - Xylophone

Y - Yeti

Z - Zebra 

I hope you enjoyed this even though you probaby didn't  and I will see you next time!

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