Blog Post Contest!

Hi Everyone!

This post is probably not gonna get any response but I wanna do it anyways. So I like to be a bit interactive on my blog., as you know. and today I had the idea for an even more interactive post. A BLOG POST CONTEST! I want you to write a blog post and email it to me with your name, post title and f you have one, a blog name. The winning post will be published on my blog and the blog name/normal name so that people can check you out. If you wish to be anonymous then you can. I will link my email address below.  I'm very excited to see your blog posts.that you send, also this post will be published on Tuesday 20th giving you 3 days, don't worry I won't post til like 5pm so you get more submit posts. The email subject has to say 'BPC' so I know you saw the post. I'm off now, ciao!

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