Blog updates and Birthday Fun!

Hi Everyone!

Today on my blog, RelatableTrend, I thought we'd go a bit off our schedule and post on a Friday because why not? We have good reason as well so i'm entitled to. This is mainly an update post but there's a little exception, ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Yay, happy birthday to me! Leave a birthday comment if you wish but anyway, back to the updates.

So I'm gonna section different things here because in one paragraph it'll all get muddled.

1. Later Posts

My posts may be uploaded a bit later than usual from now because I'm back at school and getting up early to post on time... not my thing.

2. Future of RelatableTrend

I've been trying to cook up a few more fun 'Get Involved' posts over the last few days so I've tried making my posts for next week a bit more interactive than the usual read my page and do nothing. I might do these more often so if you want that please comment ideas. for them posts.

3. Emotions

I've been feeling a little down lately after some events in my life so if some of the posts seem a bit boring then I apologise


I hope you enjoyed this post, if so please leave a follow and a Happy Birthday comment and I will see you next time!

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