DIY: Folded Paper Message Muddle-up

Hi Everyone!

Today on this fine Tuesday 13th of September I thought I would upload a DIY post on how to make a paper message thingy. I find these really fun and hope you will too! Lets go!

Step 1: Fold a single piece of A4 paper into 16 squares. The more you fold, the smaller the space to write is.

Step 2: Write a word from a phrase or sentence on each of the 16 squares. (if you have some left over do some doodles or emojis to finish them off). A phrase i like to use is 'Hi my name is ______ and i like _____' this will probably take up 9 - 12 squares, giving plenty of space for them doodles!

Step 3: (optional) Add a background to each of the squares, making each word stand out more.

Step 4: Unfold your message and praise yourself for making something totally unpractical! This is one i made a few days ago: 


I hope you enjoyed this post, if so please leave a follow and a comment suggesting other DIY's I should do and I ill see you next time!

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