How I organise my blog. (Excluding WK1)

Hi Everyone!

Today's post is about how I organise everything happening on my blog. I feel like this can somehow help any of you if you're contemplating whether to start a blog or not. This is just something I wanted to do but if you don't particularly feel interested I apologise in advance. 


Each week (beginning at wk2) I publish my posts that are ready. After publishing the 2 posts for that week I begin researching ideas and inspiration for the next two and start writing my heart away andd also research ideas for the week after so i know whatto write after them. I then proceed to finish them and save both as drafts ready for next week.


When you first start a blog you have to pick from a very limited of templates which probably make you sick. but after publishing that first post we all look at our blogs to see if we've had comments or a google recommendation, and then, we see it. DESIGN. With my blog I went straight into the advanced section changing the text before anything else. BIG MISTAKE. Most of the time you don't even know which text mode your using or anything. Bit of advice, don't copy me. The easiest thing to start with is background, but don't upload your own picture. This is because it has to duplicate the image several times to fit the blog causing it to look terrible. Start with background, make your way up in difficulty.

Publishing times.

A lot of people probably use the scheduling thing on their posts. Me, nope. I post when I get up or when I feel like I'm going to forget to post at all. It's a bad idea to use scheduling because of Blogger's time zone. Pacific Daylight Time. Let's say you schedule to post at... 9:20am Time zone thinks: 1:20am. Now it goes up on time but it says when you check it: Monday 5th September. 1:20am. You login on the UK and its fine. When this first happened to me I was questioning alien existence because I was so confused. By the way it does sort itself out after a while.


Hope you enjoyed this post, if so please leave a follow and a comment and I'll see you next time!

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