October Goals

Hi Everyone!              

Hey guys! Today is Tuesday and i have made a plan! Every last Tuesday of the month i will post my goals for the next month after. These goals are pretty lame and last-minute but I have goals and I'm writing them for your entertainment so don't complain. Lets go!

1. Become a master at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

This is because we play this game at school called 'Tig in a square'.and you have to play rock, paper, scissors with each other if you get each other and I always go down due to my lack of RPS skills. :(

2. Stop being so blunt with people.

I, RelatableTrend, am a VERY blunt person. I don't care what I say to people or how I come across and i just get straight to the point. My friends could confirm that for you, but i feel like i need to soften up to people in certain situations.

3. Become better at riding a bike.

I recently learnt how to ride a bike and put it this way; I'm pretty bad at it. I can ride but i just don't really have enough balance to do laps and things.

4. Cheat less on The Sims 3.

On games, I'm a very big cheater. Especially in The Sims 3. I will cheat to practically do anything, on my last computer I used cheats so much, my data wouldn't load. So take it off me. DON'T CHEAT UNLESS IN DIRE SITUATIONS!!!

5. Don't let people agitate me so much.

I am a very easily angered person. Lots of things and people make me crazy (majority of my school) and erupt like a volcano. I just wish I could change my attitude.


I hope you enjoyed this post, if so please leave a follow and a comment with your October goals and I'll see you next time!

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