Third-wheeling your best friends

Hi Everyone!

So I know i'm off schedule again, but this post has been bubbling inside me for quite some time now and today I've finally worked up the courage to write it. This problem is something I've been trying to deal with for a while and I decided to make a blog about it so that I could write my opinions and experience here to share with you all on the internet. This post is about being the third-wheel and sometimes 4th around your friends, this is my experience and I would love to hear your's in the comments below.

I have two best friends and when we're all together I feel like I'm invisible. I feel left out. Like I don't belong and I don't fit in. It depresses me. Only the other day I lined up with my friend and when she saw our other friend and our other other friend she moved to the back just to be with them. Leaving me alone in the line by myself. Events like this make me feel like 'I'm a bad friend...', 'She doesn't like me anymore' and 'Why can't i fit in anywhere?' but I know that it's not my fault at the same time. I'm just the one who stays behind while they link arms and have fun. A lot of these situations happen in my life and when they do I want the ground to swallow me up. Honestly I just wish that someone would notice how I felt for once instead of caring about themselves and my shared best friend. If they knew what I felt like maybe it would change but I'm scared to tell them because I don't want them to get mad at me even though it's not me who's done anything wrong.

If any of you feel like me, I would love to hear your opinions about this and ways to get it fixed that worked for you.


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