Why did I start a blog?

Hi Everyone!

Today I thought i would tell y'all why I started a blog. Like a Q&A with just one question to answer. I don't really answer questions on my blog but you have to be different once in a while. As usual, I will quit my rambling and actually blog. Let's go!

I started my blog for somewhere to express my thoughts. To express my creativity through my fingers in my little section of the internet where hardly anyone would look. Not many readers know who I am and that's why I enjoy it. i can be myself and not many people do that. But to be honest, most people either follow their friends dreams and not their own or just pretend to be another person so people like them.

Anyway, back on topic, my little corner of the internet is like my home. Not bricks and things but just somewhere I feel comfortable, where I fit in. My holiday away from reality I guess. That, is what bloggers need.

If anyone of you reading this has a blog or is making one, if this isn't what your's feels like then make one that would fell more you, more personal like your holiday home.


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