DIY Monday: Colour-in Doughnut (Inspired by NellDIY)

Hi Everyone!

Hey guys! It's RelatableTrend coming to you (almost) live from with this month's DIY Monday. A new thing that I will randomly do when I feel like it but once that month (not every month). This DIY Monday is Colour-in Paper Doughnuts. These steps are pretty much all my own but this is inspired by friend who hopefully will read this so shoutout to her. Enough of my annual ramble, lets go!

1. Get an A4 piece of paper and cut it into a circle.

2. Draw a mini, tiny, minuscule, petite circle in the middle of the doughnut.

3. Cut out the minuscule, petite circle in the middle of the doughnut.

4. Draw about 8/9 random sprinkles dotted around the doughnut

5. (optional) draw a wavy line across the bottom like caramel spilling on it..

6. (optional) Write some sort of random pun in the middle related to this gorgeous food.

7. Colour-in your fabulous doughnut and put it anywhere you thing is doughnut-worthy in your house or bedroom..

Your finished product should look something like this: 


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