Me in my Spare-Time

Hi Everyone!

Hi y'all! Sorry about the audio situation on Monday but I told you I'd come back with something else! So today I'm doing my activity run-down for my spare-time. My life's not that interesting but hey ho, at least I have one. Stop the ramble, let's go!

1. Listen to music

I find that listening to music helps me relax. One playlist i love listening to is blog Playlist by RelatableTrend on Spotify and Olly's (Olly Murs) Playlist too.

2. Watching YouTube

I love YouTube. I love watching everyones dedication to making content for people's entertainment. I love so many youtubers I can't even count them. Fun fact - On my old Twitter account, Josh Pieters liked one of my tweets.

3. Meditation

Now, I'm not religious but I find meditation sooo relaxing. Especially when I'm having an angry moment.

4. Write stories/mini private fanfiction

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