Monday and Tuesday's Posts

Hi Everyone!

Hi! So I know I'm not officially posting til Monday but I just wanted to tell you what my objective is so you get what I'm planning. I have decided to publish my two favorite posts as videos or audio files but I'm not sure yet. But being the interactive person I am, I'm going to do a poll and the two winning posts will be the audio files/videos. It will expire on Monday at 3:30pm so you'll need to be quick. My favorite 5 posts will be in the post so you'll get a bit of selection. I know not many people will bother voting, but oh well. I try. This will reveal my face, i know but hey!, you try something new everyday!

I hope you read this before Wednesday and reading Monday or Tuesday because you'll understand better. I'll link the poll down below for you to copy and paste in your URL and vote on. Bye!

Copy and Paste Link:

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