5 Sleep Hacks

Hi Everyone!

Bit random this post but actually quite useful. Sleep. My favourite thing in the world except Twenty One Pilots and Pop Danthology 2014/15. I don't sleep very well and today I'm going to make sure you don't get the same problem. I have tested some of them but not all. Inspired by Wengie. 

1. Have a teaspoon of honey before sleep.

Apparently there's some chemical that helps you sleep in it so yeah. (It's also in milk so you can have a cup of honey and warm milk to make it stronger.)

2. Sleep on your left.

Sleeping on your left apparently helps your circulation and blood flow (same thing) so I suggest this especially if your currently pregnant.

3. Don't put your pajamas on until you go to bed.

If you put them on before, your body thinks it's time for bed super early making you more tired which won't help.

4. Go off all technology half an hour before bed or turn off blue light.

If your off technology your body is in more of a neutral state and helps sleep. The blue light makes you brain and eyes excited so you have to turn it off using some kind of app. 

5. Eat cherries before sleep.

Cherries are one of the few natural sources of melatonin which is a sleeping hormone that controls one’s sleeping cycle.


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P.S: Not a December Goals because its Christmas and we ain't got no time for dat. 😛