Autumn - Winter Transition

Hi Everyone!

It's that month where are stuck in-between my two favourite seasons, Autumn and Winter. Our bodies become freezing cold, we end up wearing like 3 layers and the leaves are still falling off the trees. If I'm honest, it's probably my favourite time altogether. The aesthetic is perfect and the balance is perfect. But not in my house as majority of the time my heating doesn't come on properly but OH WELL!

I love kicking the leaves around and them falling back down in my hair, the freezing cold feet of everyone and the smells of candles. Pumpkin, marshmallow and the crackling sensation of the wooden wicks. The dim light of the Moon shining between the trees like Halloween come late. The spooky walks down the dark lanes. But the subtle frost on the roads and planters definitely make the Winter aspect come to life.

The early Christmas adverts that annoy everyone before it's even December. Some of them aren't even Christmassy to be honest with you. I bet we all still have that little stash of Trick or Treat sweets somewhere and the smell of bonfire lurking on our clothes still,. The early morning ice down your paths and grass and waking up either too cold or too hot, never in the middle.

It's all these little mixed aspects that make November the perfect time of everything blending like the perfect smoothie. I've learnt that aesthetics make everything so beautiful and surreal. It truly feels like a fairytale wonderland. 


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