Dealing with Self-Confidence / Confidence Issues

Hi Everyone!

As a very shy and doubtful person, I've always suffered with a lack of confidence / self-confidence. I'm never the person to volunteer to do things, show things and I'm very shy about practically everything. I don't really feel like I'm worth anything or I look good or I'm perfect in any way. There is a boy in my class who's my good friend but he always calls me ugly. Like, I know he's joking but when you're talking to a girl it's not exactly the best thing to help their confidence.

Recently, I have been taking part of a self-confidence help group called 'Wise Up' which does drama and where we can just express ourselves and be who we are. We don't have to change for anyone or act differently. I've been doing it for about 3 weeks during school time every Thursday. 

It's boosted me as a person and so far has made me feel more like me. I still have it til we break up for Christmas but it's definitely helped me so far on my journey.

My self-confidence is worse though. I always feel like I'm ugly because I have spots or that because I'm different I don't fit in and like things that other people don't. Part of me knows that it's not true but the other thinks the opposite. I try so hard to feel better about myself and some days it'll work, some days not as well.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is be different, be yourself, be YOU and don't change for anyone because no matter if you think differently, like other things or don't like the same people, YOU are perfect in every way you possibly can be.


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