Favourite Games This Year

Hi Everyone!

So today's post is a little bit different as I don't really talk about gaming on my blog but it sometimes feels good to try something new once in a while. I might start doing a little more about gaming on here but I don't know yet. Let's get cracking!

1. Sims 3

Sims 3 has definitely been my favourite game I've ever played EVER. I'm a big lover of Sims games all round but this one is sneaking in here. I've been playing it that long hat I practically am a Sims guru.

2. Roblox

I've been playing Roblox for a few months now and I love it dearly. A lot of people have never heard of it so i'll explain now, it's basically a server full of community made games that you can play yourself. You can play, game surf, make friends or just sit spectating the games. Go follow me --- RelatableTrendRB 

3. MSP (MovieStarPlanet)

This is one of them cringe games you can't get enough of. I've keep on going back to it constantly since like 2012. It had to be in here.

4. Agar.io

I don't really play agar.io as much as I used to now but I still play it occasionally. It's one of them games that when you play it and die you just have to keep going. 


Sorry I've not got many but I don't play many!


I hope you enjoyed this post, if so please leave a follow and a comment and I'll see you next time!

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