How YouTube Changed My Life

Hi Everyone!

So when I first started watching YouTube I felt a connection. Like I finally had something to go to when I felt down or just needed space from the outside world to clear my head. I've been told off a lot by my parents for spending too much time on my laptop but I have nothing else to do with my life. It's because of being on my laptop so much that I've found so many inspiring people to look up to; Zoella, ThatcherJoe, PointlessBlog, Dan and Phil, LDShadowLady, Joey Graceffa, Wengie, Tyler Oakley and the SacconeJolys. I've got books, a film and a whole laptop full of stuff by these people. I wouldn't change anything that I've done on the internet thanks to these people.

It's things like YouTube that have inspired me to do stuff and to make this blog and I'm so grateful for that no matter what. happens in my life. It's things like this that have made me find my feet in this sick and twisted world. And I thank them for that. Very much.


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