Why Christmas Slightly Annoys Me

Hi Everyone!

I guess this post is a semi-rant.... kinda. But you're probably gonna agree with majority of the things I mention here. I am VERY serious when it comes to the topic of Christmas. Early celebration causes me to get agitated, and I mean AGITATED.

Some people may call me a humbug or Ebeneezer Scrooge but trust me, I have my reasons.

1. Early Christmas Adverts

Most Christmas ads usually start around 6th November (not in Tesco's case). Like what even is the point?? It was Bonfire Night yesterday and Halloween a week ago!!!!!

2. Over - Excited Fans

For some people Christmas starts at... 20th November -ish and they decorate their house. Not being funny... YOU HAVEN'T EVEN OPENED YOUR ADVENT CALENDAR YET PEOPLE!!!

3. Clothes Shops

Primark is one of my regulars and in the middle of November, everywhere I turned was... CHRISTMAS JUMPERS!! I get soo wound up when I see this catastrophe. Like who would even wear a Christmas jumper in November of their own accord unless they were either, filming a Christmassy YT vid or having a Christmas party 'cause your diary was full every other day.

4. Animal Clothes

Usually I don't have anything against animal coat things but before December I do, there is absolutely no need to dress up your poor, innocent, adorable creature with festive clothes. They probably don't know what Christmas even is!


I hope you enjoyed my Christmas rants, if so please leave a follow and a comment with your festive annoyances and I'll see you next time!

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P.S: Life Update: I think I'm either emo or goth but I can't exactly tell....