Festive Blues

Hi Everyone!

This year has been the first Christmas I haven't felt festive until it's like the day before Christmas Eve. I have no idea what was the cause of it was but it definitely did burden my Christmas Fun-o-meter. Maybe it was my cold, my parents being at work, not enough decorations? IDK but I wanna.

Now although this definitely buggered my Christmas up ENTIRELY (not exactly that extreme let's be real) I did have fun when it actually came. I had all fabulous presents of family and friends, best Christmas dinner I've ever eaten and cracking family entertainment. (Except my Gran. HAHA Don't ask well u probs wont anywayss!) Definitely one of my favourite Christmases all round though. To be honest, I would probably go back and relieve certain bits if I could. Like the family game of Consequences and Trivial Pursuit.

I might make a Christmas Presents 2016 video around New Year time so I'll alert you of that if/when it happens. 

Have any of you guys experienced the festive blues before?? Is it normal on the odd occasion?? Comment below with your thoughts!


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