Gift Ideas for this Christmas

Hi Everyone!

So today I was a bit stuck for ideas and then I thought... what does everyone get for Christmas? PRESSIES!!!!! Which is why today you have... Christmas Gift Ideas!!! Let's get started!

Teens / Pre-teens (I'm not even American...) (11-16)

Girls - Out of a serious knowledge, I can suggest a MAJOR YouTube Creator spree. I'm talking books, posters, pop-sockets, clothes. You name it, you get it! If they don't watch stuff like that you could maybe get video games, make-up (start experimenting) or just anything that they want which is affordable, easy and accessible. Boys - Headphones, technology or ANYTHING to do with gaming or football.

Toddler (4-6) Child (6-10)

Not exactly an expert on the babies but maybe something I would suggest is maybe a toy to help development and future skills or maybe first book. Yep, not an expert. With children you could maybe get some books / education help or introduce them to the world of technology!

Parents / Family Adults

Mums - Mums are easy. Fancy perfume, pair of shoes, books, diary. Anything that keeps them classy, organised or entertained. Dad - My dad likes TV, bit of gaming, aftershave, slouching and coffee so get anything like that and you'll probably be okay. This goes for any grandparents or family friends too..


The worst thing you could do with a friend's present is guess. Go for something that you know they're interested in and  I've recently heard about the HP Sprocket as well which prints out pictures off your phone when linked so that may be a good bet too.


I hope you enjoyed this post, if so please leave a follow and a comment with some of your ideas and I'll see you next time!

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