Why Christmas is Fun

Hi Everyone!

So I guess this festive 'pros - cons week' here on my blog as on Monday I did 'Why Christmas Slightly Annoys Me'. There is more fun then annoyances so hopefully this should make you happier than on Monday. WOW, I think that was my shortest ever ramble!

1. Christmas Cheer

I love when everyone gets in the festive atmosphere because it feels so much more homey and relaxing.

2. Movies

When December comes I will immediately go to the movies and hammer them. Not literally. I actually have a list of TV Shows and films related to Christmas on my laptop so I can cross them out when I've seen them.

3. Decorations / Tree

I don't exactly  know why but when my house is decorated and the tree's up etc., I feel a lot more ready and excited for Christmas. It adds such a cosy and festive feel to the environment, plus, because my house is very bland, small and compact it's ice to be able to fill up some more space.

4. Advent Calendars

The excitement of waking up to chocolate every day for 24 days is super exciting as I am NOT a morning person. I'm very annoyed though because mine's customised and the woman who did it spelt my name wrong.

5. Food

Limited edition food for Christmas is AMAZING. New flavours and majority are my fave of them all... cinnamon.

6. Fake anticipation for snow

I always know it won't actually snow at Christmas but I think the false hope keeps everyone's spirits up.

7. Parties / Community Events / Get - Togethers

I always love going to group events this time of year because everything's so upbeat and happy and you get to meet new people and some might even be your life-long friends.


I hope you enjoyed this post, if so please leave a follow and a comment and I'll see you next time!

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