2016: The Review

Hi Everyone!

2016, been there, done that. The year went SO quick! But in that short amount of time, a lot of stuff happened to the world and the people in it. I don't think that I've lived through a year that's gone so quick and made such an impact. So with 2016 over, I thought it would be quite fun / depressing to look back at all the events that shaped the last 12 months.


2016 was definitely a disaster zone in political history. May took over from Cameron as Prime Minister, Donald Trump was elected the new President of the USA (God, I wanted Hilary to win.) and us UK citizens decided to leave the EU. 


A lot of great idols and inspirational people were sadly lost last year. George Michael (Singer / my Mum's crush ;)), Alan Rickman (Professor Snape in Harry Potter films), David Bowie (Legend), Victoria Wood (Comedian) and Ronnie Corbett (Legend). That's just some of the few great people who left us. It was definitely one HELL of a year.


Wow... this year was great for sports! The Olympics in Rio, Usain Bolt's film, Mo Farah and Andy Murray getting knighthoods, Mo Farah got TWO gold medals (I think...), Jessica Ennis - Hill getting made a Dame this year and she and Usain Bolt retired.

What were your 2016 highlights? What made your year? Tell me in the comments below!

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P.S - I apologise for the short post!