Makeup Essentials 101

Hi Everyone!

Hey y'all! today I thought that I would talk to you about some of the essential bits of makeup that I wouldn't be able to live without on the average daily basis. Some of me bits are a bit rubbish but hey, it's just makeup! So. Let's. Get. STARTED!!!!

1. Primer

If your planning on keeping the makeup on all day, primer is needed unless you have a product thats like 12 / 24-hr or something like that.

I use: Seventeen StayTime Long Wear Primer

2. Foundation

Foundation is great. It may clog up your pores etc. but it is great for adding that little bit of extra coverage, evening the skin and great for when you can't be bothered with a concealer. Especially if the foundation is a full coverage.

I use: MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Foundation - Natural Beige

3. Concealer

Concealer is probably the best thing in the makeup world. It is my lifesaver. Anything that manages to cover bags, spots and acne is my bestfriend and a definite essential any makeup user needs.

I use: CoverStar #Naturals Concealer Stick

4. Beauty Blender / Blending Sponge

I love using my blending sponge, you can apply with it, blend with it and use it for more than one thing. Genius!

I use: Superdrug Blending Sponge

5. Powder / Powder Brush

You obviously need powder to set the foundation and concealer otherwise it's just gonna come off. Bit pointless wearing makeup without powder if you ask me!

I use: Make Me Up Spiral Eyeshadow, Highlight and Pranslucent Powder Set / Big Puffy Brush from Superdrug

6. Lipstick / Lip Gloss

Wearing any lip colour is a key to just any simple makeup look, it shows what your going for, dramatic or everyday nude or maybe just if you chucked it on your face.

I use: Seventeen LIPLUSTRE Gloss, Natural Collection Lipsticks - Sorbet/Heather

7. Pocket Mirror

If your out and about and need a mini touch up in the middle of nowhere and no mirror, that little pocket mirror in your handbag is your solution!

I use: MUR Pocket Mirror

8. Brow Definer

Brow Definers are great for people with very subtle aor patchy brows that stand out.

I use: MUA BROW DEFINE Tinted Brow Mascara - Mid Brown


What are your essentials? What products would you sub these with? Tell me in the comments below!

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