Suffering With Blogger's Block

Hi Everyone!

So quite a lot I suffer from blogger's block (like right now) and I thought I would give you an insight into my blogger's block and a great tip that I've found on how to overcome it towards the end of the post.

Blogger's block is definitely the worst hing about blogging. Them days, days that your just stuck, not happy, blocked blogging head. Kind of like a blocked nose, nothing comes out. I hope your not disturbed from that.... sorry. I've tried everything really, seeing what's popular at the minute on other people's, googling ideas, taking a break, meditation etc. but whatever I have previously tried hasn't felt.... me. I don't feel comfortable with it because it's not something that I came up with, it's not an original  RelatableTrend blog post.

My blogger's block experiences have been so bad recently and I always feel depressed when I can't make something I feel happy with and like I let you all down when I feel that way.

Recently, I was searching the internet for ways to get over this terrible thing and stumbled across a great post that may be helpful to you [LINKED HERE!!] and one suggestion that really stood out for me was 'mind-mapping'.

Mind-mapping is where you get a piece of paper and put the main topicinside a bubble in the middle and little subtopics on lines coming off of it.

It sounds like a great idea and you could probably make several blog posts out of it at once. 

I'm definitely going to do it next time I have blogger's block.

Do you get blogger's block? What are your cures? Tell me in the comments below!

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