The Conspiracy: The Birth of Jesus

Hi Everyone!

The other day, I was at school and my friend randomly brought up a very interesting theory, as she's a Christian I was very surprised by this (I'm an atheist) and I wanted to share it with you and see your thoughts.

This is the conspiracy of Mary and God

(P.S::This not intended to be offensive to anybody)

So let's rewind back to the beginning, when Mary finds out she's pregnant with God's baby (Jesus). She's pregnant with a guy she's heard of and never met's baby. Personally, I think it's very weird and how would God manage to conjure such a weird spell into a completely random woman who has a boyfriend.

If you actually take enough time to actually think deep about the feelings of Mary and Joseph when this all actually happened it makes no sense why they didn't include their actual emotions.

So let's just RP this (excuse):::

Mary: OH MY GOD! I've never met the guy, I have a boyfriend, do you think that if I wanted a baby I would go to a complete stranger?????!!!!!!!!!

Joseph: You CANNOT be carrying a utter stranger's baby and expect me to be happy! I DO NOT get this!!

Like being truthful, neither of them wanted a baby, she's pregnant with someone else who's she never met's, they never had any interaction beforehand and if shes pregnant with someone else's baby when she's dating Joseph, wouldn't that be classed as cheating? But what also makes me slightly question it is the fact that in the story, Mary, God and Joseph's feelings towards this aren't mentioned in the story either but if they were it would most likely be like above. ^^^


What do you think about this? Anything to add? Tell me in the comments below!

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