10 Things That Make Me Happy (Inspired by Thirteen Thoughts)

Hi Everyone!

When reading my favourite blogs, I sometimes go way far back and these 'far back' posts sometimes give me inspiration for posts. On my latest blog voyage, I went on Thirteen Thoughts and this is where this post is from. And I'm also really sorry about the bad posts this week as I have been having a severe lack of ideas. Lets, get, crakin'!

1. Sweets

2. Photography

3. Colouring

4. Story Writing

5. Playing with / wearing Makeup

5. Art / DIY

6. Hanging out with Friends

7. Seeing Family

8. Sleeping

9. My Cat

10. Fluffy Pajamas


What makes you guys happy? Any of yours the same as me? Tll me in the comments.... below!

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