Collection: Lasting Perfection Long Wear Concealer REVIEW

Hi Everyone!

In my spare-time, I love watching Beauty/Makeup videos and looking for cheap, high-street makeup with good reviews that I can go out and buy for myself.I'm a cheap-skate. I love knowing whether or not the price is worth it and if it is worth the bother of even thinking about purchasing.

On one of my latest product hunting sprees,  I was watching a Zoella video and this concealer specifically, caught my eye.

 I had heard about it in some other videos as well, so I checked the reviews and watched some other videos and decided to buy it. I bought it yesterday at Boots and it was on offer for 3.99.... I think.... so I decided to buy it. and try it for myself.

After trialing the product today, I thought I would tell you all my thoughts/first impressions with you all and help all of you out if you are contemplating whether to purchase this product.

So when I swatched it on my hand, first few things I noticed were the pigmentation, smooth application and how good the quality was. When I tried it on my face as well it had great effect, great shade and I also noticed it wasn't just an under-eye or spot-only concealer, it was an all-round concealer so I was quite happy with that too. 

The coverage is amazing and you can get so much on the applicator that you only need to dip it at least twice.

I definitely suggest buying this product and I can honestly say it is worth more than the price.


What is your favourite concealer? What is your opinion on this product? Tell me in the comments below!

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