My top 5 Celebrity Crushes

Hi Everyone!

Today is one of them days I feel completely unmotivated to do anything at all so I just wanted to write a quick post for you all!

1. Eddie Redmayne / Joe Sugg

So I couldn't pick between these two so I decided to put them as joint. I like Eddie because Newt Scamander is like fittttt and I like Joe Sugg because he is hot, funny and just boyfriend goals.

2. Dan Howell

Me and Dan are both very similar. Our existentialism and deep thoughts, I have always felt somekind of connection between us. Was that cringy?

3. Alfie Deyes

I love Alfie, he's so cute and cuddly and kind I just wanna squish his cheeks!!! Zoe, I'm jealous.

4. Chris Pratt

So I first heard of Chris Pratt whilst watching Jurassic World and can we all just appreciate those raptors....

5. Tyler Joseph

So I'm personally a very big fan of Twenty One Pilots so if I didn't like at least one of them that would be so rude. -_-

Who are your crushes? Any same? Tell me in the comments below!

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