Don't Be So Uptight!

Hi Everyone!

I love chilling out, letting myself go and just being spontaneous. Planning stuff last-minute no but having fun and a great time is something I am good at. I find that enjoying yourself more leads to a happier lifestyle and a much clearer mind. It enhances your mood and can make you try new things you didn't think you'd like. This transformation has been happening to me over around the last year or so and I'm really enjoying being able to let go a bit more. (Even if it does mean forgetting to do my homework like on Friday.)

In my personal experience, I have learned that letting yourself go and be adventurous is crucial to being more you and getting out of that shell called your bed (but then again I do strongly protest against this on the daily.). 

Also, I get very agitated sometimes and during this 'change', I have started looking into meditation. I never really used to see myself doing activities like this but it's actually really enjoyable and calming.

I feel like more people need to be more spontaneous and explore new things because, being real, everyone is so tense and to just let your hair down works miracles and is something we should all be doing on a daily basis.

I hope you take my advice and take this change into your life.

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