How I Prevent Sunstroke / Sunburn

Hi Everyone!

So first on the agenda, my renovation didn't go fully to plan so I've managed to get fully rid od 'The Cutest Blog on the Block' and my page will be changing soon. Second thing, really sorry I've not been active but so glad to see the following and enthusiasm still flowing in you guys. 

Recently in the UK, we've had some very hot, humid and sunny weather and I've noticed that I'm the only person in my family who hasn't got sunburn and all I have is a natural glow and a bit more colour, so I thought I would tell you what I do to tan. 

1. Stay outside / inside by regular intervals.

Coming in and out regularly is an important step as you can turn from staying in the Sun for too long in one go. Doing this for at leat 7-8 hours I find helps sort of stimulate the tanning process nad kick off the healthy glow.

2. AVOID suncream.

This is a bit strange but I do not wear sunscreen very often unless I'm out ut not in my own back garden. I find that it makes my skin very tacky and greasy feeling, plus it reduces how much I tan and as a very paled skin person I loved getting that colour in my skin.

3. Keep hydrated.

I think this step is most important of all because a lot of the time the heat makes me feel very drowsy and thirsty so I make sure to drink a lot of Pepsi Max with ice whilst sat in the sun. Hydration and vitamin D together also really helps to improve my skin so there are two reasons for you to keep hydrated!

4. Spend a balanced amount of time in the shade as you would in the Sun.

Staying in the shade helps you to not penetrate too many UV rays from the Sun and reduces the chance of skin cancer. It also stops you from becoming too hot, especially if you are wearing black.

5. Make sure you wear a hat of some kind.

Wearing a hat makes me feel a lot less 'light-headed' because my hair gets extremely hot in the sunlight and putting a cap on helps cool my head and this also reduces chances of sunstroke.

Do you have any sneaky tricks to prevent sunstroke that I haven't said? Tell me in the comments!

I hope to see you all next time when I will be bringing you a new post!

Xo - Caitlyn