Summer OOTD - Country Girl

Hi Everyone!

My creative juices are flowing at the minute so I'm getting as many posts out as possible and with this, I decided to do an OOTD with one of my favourite outfits right now. Which consists of boyfriend dungarees, a choker, a cropped top and a blue checkered shirt. I love wearing the look so I thought I would show you the look and give my opinions about each item involved in the outfit! But beforehand here is a preview of the look:

So first I'll review the choker set [LINK HERE] and this is from my local Primark. These chokers were such a great price and the quality of them is so great.

Next, the dungarees, I'm living in these right now as they fit with practically any top and really give the outfit a fresh, retro, country vibe. [LINK HERE] These dungarees are also from Primark but I couldn't find the link so I've put in a denim dress substitute instead.

The cropped top I got a couple or years ago and I'm surprised it still fits me! It has such a summery floral design and really suits the dungarees. I couldn't find the top as sadly they no longer sell it but I tried to find an alternative. [LINK HERE]

Last and not least the checkered shirt. When I first saw it I was so in love with the design on the shirt and sometimes I will wear the shirt under the dungarees instead which really shows the outfit's country potential. [LINK HERE]

Any OOTD themes you want to see me do? Tried a look like this before? I'd love to know in the comments!

I'll see you soon where I'll have a new ost for you to feast your eyes upon! Bye! :)

Xo - Caitlyn