The Fault in Our Stars: Book Review

Hi Everyone!

Recently I read The Fault in Our Stars for the first time and I hate myself for reading it so late! The book is so good that I thought I would give it the honour of being my second book review and to tell you guys my personal opinions about the storyline, characters etc.

Let's start with the characters. Hazel Grace Lancaster... wow. Just WOW! My heart literally melts at the thought of her. Honestly, her story is so sad yet inspiring and it just really puts a cancer sufferer's life in perspective. Her character is so kind and John Green definitely pulled all our heartstrings with Hazel's story. The other main character, Augustus Waters, is so sweet and gentlemen-like towards Hazel as well and the fact he loves her after Caroline really shows his trusting nature.

Moving on to the storyline/action. Overall, it's 11 out of 10. It's so deep, mesmerising, realistic, spectacular... I could just sit here for hours giving praises about the concepts behind the book and its entrancing relatable vibes. The fact it also incorporates young love makes the book really stand out from the average tragedy. I find the obsession with AIA and Peter Van Houten quite nice as well for when Augustus sacrifices his wish for Hazel.

I think I should finish it there because I don't have much more to say except wow.

Have you got any opinions on the book? Let me know!

I hope I'll see you next time where I will have a new post for you all!

Xo - Caitlyn